Surveillance: Risers and Flowlines

Inspection and monitoring solutions for maximum asset uptime

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Limit the risk of unplanned shutdowns

Cybernetix solutions for riser and flowline surveillance are designed with one main goal: to protect your asset's integrity in order to avoid costly downtime for maintenance and repairs, and minimize cost of ownership.

Non-intrusive. Retrofittable. Qualified. Configurable.

Our inspection and monitoring solutions leverage both original equipment manufacturer and real operational data to offer superior diagnosis capabilities and efficient integrity management. Tailored systems are based on qualified building blocks and data flow is managed (processed, recorded and made accessible) with in-house developed software Cyxense® Surveillor.

Flexible Pipelines Surveillance

Receive real-time alerts about armour breakage, and data for curvature monitoring and fatigue analysis on flexible pipelines. Find out how our monitoring solutions use advanced algorithms and leverage our teams' expertise to maximize your pipeline's uptime.

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Rigid Pipelines Surveillance

Leverage state-of-the-art technology to monitor riser motion and tension, and pipeline corrosion. Discover our non-intrusive solutions that maximize your asset's uptime and require no downtime for installation.

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